Client Feedback

I walked into Rob Fleming's office in November of 2018 to explain my personal injury case [dental malpractice] and request his help. Rob listened carefully, he quickly assessed the facts that I presented to him, regarding my complaint against a dentist and his referral that caused injury to me. Rob was honest and up front with me from the start and made no promises other than to take my case on contingency and do the best that he could to help me. Rob kept that promise! Within a year and a half, he skillfully steers my case into litigation and was prepared to argue my case in court. Rob's colleague, Lyn Dodson, joined the team effort in the summer of 2019. We successfully settled the case (to my satisfaction) in meditation. I can highly recommend the law office of Katz Wright & Fleming, LLC

- R. W.
Sandy Springs, GA

Rob Fleming did an outstanding job representing me in a medical malpractice case. His legal mind is outstanding and his level of expertise in medical malpractice is second to none. From the moment that I went in for the first consultation to the very successful resolution of my case, Rob was amazing. He is an outstanding listener and he brilliantly navigated the legal process from start to finish for me. Rob is one of the best attorneys, if not THE BEST, in his field. The level of communication throughout the entire legal process was excellent. Each step of the process was appropriately discussed and all options were carefully detailed. His attentiveness to my phone calls and emails was excellent and always very prompt. I hope you never need representation with a malpractice issue, but if you do, your first call should be to Rob Fleming. I absolutely could not be any happier with his representation and you should consider yourself in the BEST MALPRACTICE LEGAL HANDS available in the Southeast. I wish I could give him 50 stars!

- P.B.
Sandy Springs, Georgia

I was injured during a dental procedure and sought out Robert J. Fleming for his legal expertise. I felt helpless after the injury and knew I needed to pursue legal representation. When I started working with Robert, I found comfort in knowing he had represented similar cases as mine and I was confident in my decision for him to represent me. I was very pleased with the outcome and Robert's ability to do what was in my best interest. Throughout my experience, he was professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced with the subject matter at hand. Robert was easy to work with because he was organized, he listened, and he was genuinely motivated by a desire to help me. I couldn't have asked for a better negotiator and mediator during the process. He proved to be the support that I needed for a successful result and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a personal injury lawyer. Thank you Robert!

- T.C.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Robert J. Fleming,
Twenty years ago you represented me in a legal dispute and it changed my life! I was deep in debt and struggling to make it in business when I sought your help and hired you as my attorney. You helped me win my case when I thought it was a LONG shot. You helped me get out of debt and build a solid financial foundation so that I could get married and start a family. Thank you sir!

To this day I have stayed out of debt and you helped me get back on track. Your skills as a negotiator, mediator and a successful trial lawyer are the highest I have ever seen. You also managed my expectations and thoroughly prepared my case even though it took almost 2 years using your natural "get it done" ability and organization skills that separate you from your industry colleagues.

Your professional legal expertise combined with your integrity and business experience make you one of the best lawyers in the Atlanta legal community. If you're reading this and need a good attorney to represent you in Georgia, I would give Robert J. Fleming the highest recommendation.


- Darryl B.
Atlanta, Georgia

My attorney, Robert J. Fleming represented me in a dental injury case. Mr. Fleming was good at listening and taking time to answer all of my questions. I felt like I was one of his most important clients. He was very helpful and sincere about my welfare. Everything was handled professionally. I am more than pleased with the service he provided. Excellent job, Rob!

- G. Upton
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Before retiring from teaching my mother had purchased a heart attack, stroke & cancer policy with a dread disease rider from a large Insurance Company. Mom was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis March of 2010. Although the required documents were forwarded to the claims department in a timely manner and follow up calls were made, the large insurance company continued to deny the claims. After three years of going back and forth with the insurance company, without resolution, I was referred to Robert J. Fleming of the law firm Katz Wright & Fleming, LLC. Mr. Fleming was able to bring resolution to insurance dispute within six months. Not only was he highly professional and knowledgeable, Mr. Fleming treated me with the utmost if I was a friend and not just a client.

I would highly recommend Mr. Fleming and his firm. His time and consideration of our case is so greatly appreciated.

- S.Y.
Lawrenceville, Georgia

After being injured during a dental procedure, I sought the legal counsel of Attorney Fleming to help me with my case. Finding Attorney Fleming was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He is very communicative, honest, straight-forward and he was really committed to seeing my case through. He worked long and hard to handle my case and I am truly grateful and completely pleased with his service. If you are in need of an experienced dedicated professional I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Robert Fleming!

-K. Irby
Duluth, Georgia

We hired Robert J. Fleming to represent us when my husband suffered a dental nerve injury after having an implant installed in his lower jaw by a local Atlanta oral surgeon. Mr. Fleming was very professional and he was able to secure a dental expert who determined that the injury was caused by dental malpractice. I appreciate Mr. Fleming's efforts in filing our lawsuit, pursuing the case and eventually settling the case at mediation. No amount of money can undo the nerve injury that my husband sustained, but we are pleased with the outcome of our case and we are pleased with the job Mr. Fleming did for us. It is clear to us that Robert Fleming specializes in dental malpractice and that he is a very competent lawyer.

Marietta, Georgia

We really want to thank you for the most wonderful job you guys did in representing us in our legal matter. You both went far and beyond the call of duty for us, and the outcome was better than we ever expected. You two people were a godsend to us. I would recommend the Robert J. Fleming law firm to anyone that has been wronged by an employer. You stood up for us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you both and have a wonderful Holiday.

- B.M.
Panama City Beach, FL

I spent four days in the hospital after two pit bulls attacked me while I was gardening in my yard. My injuries were severe. After the attack, I was hurting and scared. I was worried about the mounting medical bills and how I was going to pay them. My accountant referred me to Atlanta injury lawyer, Robert J. Fleming. Mr. Fleming was able to help me. He always took good care of me. I liked the way he used technology to keep me informed (scanning documents for me to see, e-mail updates, etc.). He is a smart and experienced lawyer who knows how to get things done. Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about Robert J. Fleming and the this Law Firm. They were able to help me recover a lot of money for my dog bite injuries and I think Mr. Fleming is a genuinely nice person.

- J. Long
Snellville, GA

I sought legal help from Robert J. Fleming after having been hurt by a chiropractor. Mr. Fleming did all that he told me he would do. Once I hired him as my lawyer, he worked very hard on my case and he kept me informed on what was happening every step of the way. I am a hairdresser. After my case settled, I was able to buy my own salon and that has changed my life. Robert J. Fleming did a fabulous job for me. I could not have asked for more from him.

- Y. Pilgrim
Smyrna, Georgia

Robert J. Fleming represented me in an auto accident case. I turned to him after another lawyer withdrew from my case because the insurance company would not settle. Robert J. Fleming took my case, filed suit, went to trial AND WON! While my case may not have been the biggest case he handled, Mr. Fleming worked extremely hard on my case. I had the pleasure of watching Mr. Fleming in the courtroom and I can honestly say that he could not have been more impressive. Not only did I recover the money for medical bills and pain and suffering that were asked for, we were awarded over $8,000 in attorneys' fees, which I understand is very rare in Georgia. Robert J. Fleming is the best!

- S. Yu
Chamblee, Georgia

I hired Robert J. Fleming to represent me in a business dispute. Due to the nature of the case, the litigation was complex and the company I was forced to sue was represented by one of the largest law firms in town. I was pleased with how Mr. Fleming handled my case and with the results. Mr. Fleming worked hard to push my case to resolution. He always kept me informed about my case and he was very responsive. I highly recommend Robert J. Fleming to anyone in need of a top notch lawyer.

- R.E.
Atlanta, Georgia

Due to the defendant's stalling tactics, my case took several months to come to trial, but Mr. Fleming was always willing to discuss my case and took a personal interest in every aspect of my suit. He explored every angle, which meant very much to me after other attorneys had dismissed my case as too much trouble to pursue. Unfortunately, the facts of my case are sealed, but I believe I am allowed to say that Mr. Fleming did win a substantial amount for my injuries. If you want someone who will hear you out and "go the extra mile" to win your case, Robert J. Fleming is your man. I highly recommend Mr. Fleming. It was always comforting to know that he was on the case.

- C. Cooke
Jackson, Georgia

I contacted Robert J. Fleming to resolve a complex sales commission dispute for me. The results he produced exceeded my expectations. His successful track record speaks for itself. He is savvy and understands the legal process. I was very satisfied and amazed with the results he produced for me. If you are looking for professional legal representation from an aggressive, no-nonsense trial lawyer then I highly recommend Robert J. Fleming.

- D.B.
Alpharetta, Georgia

The lawyers at Robert J. Fleming are experienced, hard-working and effective. They have an excellent and well-earned reputation and they are excellent litigators. I highly recommend them.

- J.H.
Atlanta, Georgia

We are long haul truckers with 35 years of over-the-road experience. We hired Robert J. Fleming to handle a case involving a used truck we purchased in Georgia that had many hidden (and soon to be discovered) mechanical problems. Although Rob had to take a crash course in diesel mechanics, we obtained a fair settlement from the truck dealer and actually we are now on good terms with the dealer; even after the case was settled. Robert J. Fleming was able to accomplish a feat rarely seen--settling a case where both parties stay civil to each other. It speaks volumes for his calmness and logical mind. Since then, we have asked for his advice and opinion on another matter for which we have not hired him yet. Despite our anxiousness and worry, Robert has been very patient and reassuring and, additionally, has not charged us. We would definitely hire Robert J. Fleming again based on our experience.

- J&P Dube
Greenville, SC

We have been working long distance on a case with Robert J. Fleming. We live in Arizona and the case is in Georgia. Being on the other side of the country, we were confident that Rob was representing us. He is a no-nonsense aggressive attorney. He kept us informed through regular emails and phone calls. We were always up to date and he personally explained all matters to us. Always willing to go the extra mile for us. We can't sing his praises loud enough!

Rob, we can't thank you enough!

- Wendy and Mike L,
Phoenix, AZ

I have worked with literally hundreds of attorneys in my careers and Robert J. Fleming has something that only a select few possess. Rob has the ability to argue and support points in a way that is satisfying to opposing counsel, witnesses on both sides, and jurors alike. His clients and expert witnesses are always surprised at his extensive knowledge related directly to the matter, or case at hand. If you are looking for a creative results driven attorney, with the ability of making your case proceed quickly, then Rob is the lawyer for you.

- D. Marinoni
Atlanta, Georgia

Robert J. Fleming represented me in a medical malpractice case. Due to the doctor's not properly monitoring my coumadin therapy, I suffered a bleed and I lost vision in one of my eyes. Mr. Fleming tried the case before a jury in downtown Atlanta in the Fulton County Courthouse. It was such an intense experience to watch him try my case.  It was a jury trial and it lasted almost two weeks. We received a multi-million dollar verdict. My husband Michael and I are so very grateful to have had Mr. Fleming representing us in the courtroom. I made a life-long friend and trusted advisor. There are so many good things to say about him. Rob is a top-notch Georgia injury lawyer: competent, thorough, remarkable, unbeatable, intelligent, personable, and easy to talk to.During the entire two week trial, Rob was prepared for every single question. He had a complete understanding of my injuries, how they occurred, the medical issues and the law. The defendants could not stump him, and believe me, they tried. He knew exactly what was going to happen and was prepared every step of the way. He changed my life.

- S. Wert
Sharpsburg, Georgia

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