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Your loved one is in a nursing home because he or she needs specialized care and treatment that is not available at home. Unfortunately, the nursing home industry has become a multi-billion dollar business that is run by corporations. Many times, these corporations are more interested in the "bottom line" than in providing the best care for your elderly parent. Many nursing homes and hospices are understaffed or staffed by unskilled or untrained workers.

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The “bottom line” for us is that your family member’s health and well-being is worth more than any amount of money. Nursing homes must be held accountable under the available state of Georgia and Federal laws so that families can feel secure in knowing that their loved ones are safe and well taken care of. Every nursing home patient has the right to not only be taken care of medically, but to also be treated with respect and compassion.

Due to the increase in nursing home injuries and deaths caused by negligence, federal and state laws have been passed to protect nursing home residents. Many times, these laws are not followed and serious injuries or deaths occur. Robert J. Fleming is an experienced trial attorney who has helped families face devastating situations such as nursing home abuse. We are experienced and skilled in litigating medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases. We understand the emotional impact that nursing home abuse has on the affected family.

Natural Affects of Aging vs. Nursing Home Malpractice

This is a common question asked by potential clients. By nature, those in nursing homes are not in the best of health and often are suffering a great deal when they enter the facility. So, it is often hard to determine if an injury is an inevitable result of an elderly person’s deteriorating health, or the result of inadequate care or treatment on the nursing home’s behalf. This is not something that can be determined without a thorough investigation. However, there are some common signs of negligent care that may warrant more thorough investigations such as:

  • Falls caused by improper restraints
  • Falls caused by low blood pressure readings over an extended period of time
  • Hip fractures
  • Infections
  • Impacted bowels
  • Dropped patients
  • Dehydration
  • Bed Sores
  • Sepsis
  • Burns
  • Slip and Falls while under Nursing Home Care
  • Malnutrition

Signs of Potential Nursing Home Abuse

Signs of potential abuse include physical neglect such as when the nursing home staff does not provide those living in the facility with the necessities of daily living. Another area of potential concern is when residents suffer from frequent falls, which may be a sign that they are not being adequately monitored by the nursing home staff, or that doctors' orders regarding restraint are not being followed.

Another potential troubling sign is when the resident withdraws from normal interactions, which may indicate that the nursing home attendants are not providing the necessary level of assistance to the resident. Frequent infections may indicate that the nursing home staff is not following proper wound care or hygiene protocol. Many of the injuries that residents of nursing homes suffer from are caused by sub-standard care.

If your loved one has been seriously injured or died from suspected nursing home abuse and you would like to discuss your case in complete confidence, call Robert J. Fleming at (404) 525-5150 or contact us online.

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