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Bus accidents are common and can result in devastating injuries. If you or a family member has been involved in a serious bus accident, you should take immediate action to protect your legal rights. Why? The insurance company or home office for the bus company or public transit organization who caused the accident (Marta in most cases in Atlanta) will initiate an investigation almost immediately. Within weeks of the accident, the other side’s investigators will open their file, take recorded statements of the drivers and any witnesses, hire an accident re-constructionist expert to render an opinion as to how the accident happened and who was at fault, examine the property damage to the vehicles involved in the wreck, have photographs taken of the accident scene, obtain a copy of the police report and set reserves as to the amount they are willing to pay in settlement of your claims. The more serious the injuries, the more likely this “workup” will be started within days of the accident. This is why you should contact a well-established Georgia bus accident lawyer to represent you immediately.

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Bus accidents are a part of our everyday life. If you think about the number of buses which transport people throughout the Atlanta every day and couple that with the sheer size of the buses that are being used these days, chances are, a serious accident will happen and cause damages. Many of these injuries are serious personal injuries such as brain injuries, loss of limbs, herniated discs in the neck and back, spinal cord trauma, third-degree burns and other catastrophic injuries. Most of these injuries result in permanent impairment and disability.

The at-fault bus driver is responsible for paying your present and future medical bills, loss of income and an amount to fully compensate you for the pain and suffering you had to endure because of the wreck. Serious injuries usually result in large amounts of damages in the form of medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, disfigurement, future medical bills, and a diminished quality of life. In addition, the spouse of an injured person is entitled to be fully compensated for their “loss of consortium” which is the loss that occurs when a spouse is injured and the other spouse loses their companionship, services, and marital relations.

Insurance companies and local municipalities try to settle automobile accident cases quickly and cheaply. They often will discourage you from seeking advice from an experienced lawyer and many times they are less than truthful and forthcoming regarding what your case is really worth. In fact, insurance companies would send representatives to the hospital room of injured Georgians in hopes of convincing them to settle their claims while they were still being treated at the hospital. Fortunately, this is no longer legal in Georgia because it resulted in many injured people signing away their legal rights for little compensation when they were under the influence of medications. Remember, once you settle a case, your right to sue is lost forever.

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As Atlanta bus accident attorneys, we work hard to get you all that you are entitled to under Georgia law, not just want the insurance company or local governmental agency wants to pay. Prior to starting his own law firm in 1997, Mr. Fleming, defended insurance companies. Since that time, Mr. Fleming has exclusively focused on helping individuals and families who have been seriously injured by the wrongful acts of others.

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